The death of mlik delivery

There was a time when the sight of your local milkman was a common thing to see on the streets Manchester, even if you weren’t up at the crack of dawn. The jingling milkman’s van cruising down the road, the smell of fresh milk on the door step, and that simple glass bottle, just waiting for the foil to be pealed back.

With the rise of global supermarkets and the multiplication of local convenience stores on seemingly every major street corner in Manchester, it’s increasingly difficult to find a milkman who’ll have fresh milk delivered to your door before 6.30am.

But that doesn’t mean that milk delivery is dead. Far from it. Milk delivery is still an extremely important and valuable service for many offices in central Manchester.

Because for most office workers, having fresh, in-date milk in the fridge is not just a benefit. It’s a necessity. It’s a right. That cup of the tea in the morning is like an elixir of life for staff, without which productivity would be non existent.

Having milk delivered to your office means you’ll always have milk in the fridge for whenever your office needs it. It means you won’t have to rely on a staff member making sure the fridge is stocked up.

It also means your staff can stay focused on the task at hand, and don’t need to get distracted by leaving the office to go and pick up milk. With milk delivered to your office, you can save time and hassle for your team, as they don’t have to go out and battle the Manchester weather, before hauling back pints of milk to the office every day. There’s nothing worse than the office being distracted by an argument about who’s turn it is to go and get milk, and disrupting everyone’s work flow.

There’s also no need to mess around with petty cash either, because an office milk delivery means just one simple monthly invoice. And you can always guarantee you’ll get just the type milk you want to. If you’ve got someone visiting your office from outside of Manchester, they might not be used to the traditional Northern cuppa, and may prefer soya or almond milk. Does you local convenience shop stock these?

Having milk delivered to your office is the simplest and easiest option to make sure your work fridge always has milk in it, and it saves time, hassle and money too. And of course, it also makes sure the Manchester milk delivery van isn’t a relic of the past!