Office work, what not to wear

If you work in an office, choosing your daily work wear can be a minefield, whether you are male or female. Wearing the wrong thing can sometimes lead to contraventions of company rules, health and safety issues or negative opinions from other employees. Here are five top tips to make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the office at all times…

1. Check the company handbook.

Whether your office is more casual or more formal, there will no doubt be certain guidelines that you need to follow in terms of your attire. Some offices will request that men always wear a tie, that no t-shirts with slogans should be worn or that both women and men should wear a suit. Make sure you’ve checked the handbook carefully, as contravention of company rules could lead to disciplinary action.

2. Think health and safety.

While flip flops may seem like the most comfortable option in the height of summer, many companies have banned their use as they can be a trip hazard. Similarly, while excessively high heels may look great, they could also cause health and safety issues. Think carefully about your choice of clothes before you leave for work in the morning.

3. Layer up.

Be prepared for changes in temperature! In the winter, for example, you may be going from a cold walk to a warm train or bus, followed by another cold walk and a warmer office. Even in the summer, office air conditioning can often be too cold for comfort. By wearing layers, you’ll have the ability to deal with all temperatures and stay comfortable while you are working.

4. Think about your image.

How do you want to be seen in the office? As the career man or woman who always looks sharp, or as that person who’s always looking a little scruffy or revealing too much flesh? Dress to suit how you want to be perceived, as sloppy dress could damage your image at work.

5. Accessorise for your personality.

While you may have all sorts of rules about office clothing in place, you can still accessorise to allow your personality to shine through. Jewellery, cuff-links, scarves, ties and shoes can all help to let your own personality shine through, giving you an image that is not only corporate, but also lets people know that you are an individual too.