5 handy office gadgets to make work life easier

The stresses and strains of the modern workplace seem to be getting more intense, as companies continue struggle to survive in increasingly competitive markets. If you are having to juggle an increasingly hectic schedule, you should grab the opportunity to save time and make life easier for yourself in whichever form it comes. These 5 office gadgets are certain to make those long and stressful days at your desk just a little more bearable.

1. A Bluetooth headset

If you are like most office workers, you will be expected to type, talk and perform a range of duties all at the same time. However, you can now link in your landline and mobile phone to one Bluetooth headset. Switching between calls is just a matter of flicking a switch, and you can free your hands up to send emails, type letters or even eat your lunch.

2. A waterproof keyboard

During the height of office hours, things can get hectic at the average desk. If you have lost count of the number of computer keyboards you have lost to spilled coffee and water, there is now a waterproof, bendable keyboard that is resistant to all fluids. You can jump up and down on it in frustration, submerge it in water or throw it out of the window.

3. Clip-on cup-holder

They say that caffeine is office fuel, so it’s important that your desk has sufficient space for your lattes and breakfast tea. A clip-on holder ensures your drink stays firmly in position. Not only will you be unable to knock it over, it will keep your desk clear for more efficient working.

4. Desktop punching ball

The average office environment can play havoc with a person’s temper, but it’s important that you keep your own emotions in check if you are prone to bouts of office range. Having a desktop ball held firmly in place via suction cups will mean you can release pent-up energy, in a way that won’t get you arrested.

5. Newton’s cradle

No list of desktop gadgets would be complete without the clicking balls and relaxing movement of a Newton’s cradle. Available in a chrome finish, they can relax you in times of stress, and they can also add an element of class to the workplace.

Offices can be brutal places where only the most efficient, motivated and talented people succeed. By adding a few gadgets to your own work space, you can give yourself the best possible chance of surviving the cut-throat corporate jungle.